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Quality of information and service, limited responsibility

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Despite the efforts to avoid technical problems, Level IT may be not responsible for some of them, and exclude every responsibility about that.

Intellectual property rights

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Unless otherwise stipulated, the use of textual informations or encrypted information is permitted provided that the source is acknowledged. Contrariwise, the copy of this informations as far as all the other elements of the website ( graphic line, sounds, images, records, computer applications,…)  is not allowed for a commercial use, or an advertising use. If you want to use this information, a written consent from Level IT company is required, in all otherwise It’s strictly forbidden ! Every demand in this field must be addressed to Level IT direction (info(at)level-it.be).

In case of violation of this terms, Level IT can, at any moment and without notice, end the right that has been granted to you. In this case, copy of download content must be destroyed immediately.

Trademark law

Level IT, Practeos® or any other name, slogan, or logo concerning products, solutions or services appearing on this website are the property of Level IT or the property of his providers/partners. Any reproduction, imitation or usage in all or in part without the written consent of Level IT direction or without the consent of the owner of the commercial brand is totally prohibited.

Furthermore, the appearance of this site is an element of the brand Level IT protected by Trademark Law or copyright law. It must not be copied, imitated or used in all or in part without the written consent of Level IT direction.

Creating links to this site

On one side, Level IT allows the creation of links without request of surface linking that sends to home page, portal or any other page in its entirely. On the other side, the use of any technique to include all or part of the portal site in an internet site while masking (even if it’s only partially), the exact origin of the information or could cause confusion about the origin of the information, as the framing or in-lining, require the written consent of Level IT. Any such request must be addressed at first to Level IT direction.

Limited responsibility

Level IT can’t be held liable for direct damages, indirect damages, accessories damages (especially for any financial loss, loss of sales, loss of programmes or data, loss of goodwill, interruption of activity) arising from this website, the use of the informations it contains, testimonies or links from or to this site. This exclusion of responsibility applies even if the complaint is based on a guarantee, civil liability, contractual liability or in tort or any other theory and this, even if Level IT is aware that the possibility of such damages occurring.

Non personally identifiable informations

Level IT collect statistical informations to track the users, (cookies) as the total number of visits on this website, the number of visitors to each page of the site and the domain names of internet providers of our visitors. We use this information, which stays aggregated statistiques, to understand how our visitors use this website with the aim to improve the services that we offer.

Transmitted informations

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