Practeos, what is it ?

Practeos is a collaborative web platform that helps you drive the business management processes and methodically manage the company’s action plans. Practeos helps you improve the performances in the Quality, Health&Safety, Environnement, Maintenance and Human Ressources domains.

Each employee can connect to his profile to access customized information, and act according to his roles and responsibilities. Practeos facilitates collaboration and communication within the company, naturally involving employees.

Practeos is customized to youe need. Your business, your processes and your employees are represented in the platform so that the reported issues and the actions are always contextualized. The platform allows to trace information from the field and disseminate documents and procedures, while ensuring traceability

Save time with Practeos! The platform reduces the encoding work, facilitates analysis and reporting, and reduces paper flow.

Practeos can be used to facilitate the encoding of your audits on the field. The mobile application makes it possible to collect information directly in the workshop or on site.

The risks and problems identified on the field are automatically synchronized in real time on the Practeos platform. They can then be immediately processed by the right people. The Practeos platform allows to automatically generate reports, facilitates the management and monitoring of the risks and actions, and allows managers to evaluate and analyze the situation in real time.

The mobile application can be used for example by the health&safety adviser to perform risk analysis, or by a manager to perform his safety checklist. The mobile application will allow to easily encode the detected risks and proposals for action. Each risk is located and categorized, which then allows to organize the risks and easily plan the work (List all fire risks identified in Building A, whose rating is higher than 200. ..)

This information-gathering process on the field will obviously be just as effective to support Quality, Industrial Security and Maintenance processes !

With Practeos, you manage the entire process, from the beginning (a tour, an audit, an observation, …) until the realization of useful actions, and their follow-up (Plan-Do-Check-Act). All actions resulting from Quality Process, Health & Safety, Environment, Maintenance and Human Resources are managed in a single homogeneous and efficient environment.

« With Practeos, the monitoring and consolidation of our security measures is made easier. Regardless of the entry point in the system (prevention committee, committee action plans, behavioral audits, safety audits, inspection tours, …), the information is available in real time for everyone in the company.. »


Health&Safety Adviser
Aperam Châtelet

Processes, measures and action plans

Looking for a solution to manage your processes and actions plans, on a daily basis, and on the field? Practeos is the solution you have been waiting for!

No need to open multiple Excel files to see what to do. No need to maintain these Excel files up to date, no need to spend time on emails to remind this to colleagues.

Practeos cover all the information needs on the field, it is a global response for the company. The information is always accessible, always up to date, and the collaboration becomes more natural and effective.

One transverse platform for the company

Practeos centralizes the information needed to mange the continuous improvement processes. The platform helps you manage the Quality processes (ISO 9001), Health & Safety processes (OHSAS 18001), Environment processes (ISO 14001), Human Resources and Maintenance processes (TPM ™) in one seamless environment.

The Practeos platform integrates easily and naturally into the corporate IT environment and complements the features offered by the more traditional information systems (ERP, CMMS, HR solutions or accounting).

Practeos can connect and interact with other business systems to avoid multiple encoding issues, simplify the management of company’s data, and facilitate the business processes. For example, Practeos is often connected with the company’s human resources management system to synchronize and maintain the list of employees. The platform can also interface with a CMMS platform to make the connection with maintenance requests.