Health & Safety, Environnement


The Practeos® platform provides a set of tools to support health & safety and environment prevention measures. We can also develop customized processes and additional tools to support your specific measures.

The Practeos® platform is the ideal tool to perform the collection and the monitoring of anomalies, suggestions for improvement, risky behaviors and situations. Once detected, the platform helps you collect and organize these findings, implement corrective actions, and monitor their effects.

The platform provides the processes required to manage and monitor audits and tours. Practeos® also automatically creates the appropriate reports. Finally, the use of the mobile application further reduces the reporting time and allows to collect information directly from the field, in the workshop or on site.

Practeos® facilitates the organization and monitoring of committees, working groups and meetings. The platform provides the tools needed to take notes, monitor the progress, and organize the tasks. It’s as simple as opening a browser at the meeting to manage the committee actions or discuss a risk analysis with the working group.

Practeos® offers the tools needed to support the dynamic risk management and distribute documents to the right people (procedures, toolbox …).

The platform will ultimately save time by facilitating the analysis and the reporting.