Manage the information

Good information management is the primary ingredient of your Company effectiveness. Practeos® is an information system that centralizes and automatically capitalizes all the information related to your continuous improvement processes; Practeos® ensures the traceability of events in your business.

The platform allows everyone to encode and access the information he is concerned about. The information is encoded only once, in the right place, and then supplemented by the other actors of the process. Practeos® thus reduces unnecessary administrative work (re-encoding, information organization, reporting) and allows to devote time and energy to the value added work.

Discussions at the coffee machine, grapevine, work in silos … the information does not always reach its destination. Practeos® helps you centralize, back up and distribute information to the right people, depending on their roles, locations and responsibilities. Everyone can comment and complement the work of others.


Collect information from the field                      Disseminate documents and procedures

« Practeos® is a web platform, accessible from any computer. The information is always available, always up-to-date.
Collaboration becomes natural and effective ! »