Save time

It is by organizing information and collaborating daily that company employees can work more effectively together. Unfortunately the amount of information necessary to manage a company is constantly growing and this information is often decentralized, for example in multiple Excel, Word or pdf files scattered in a long directory hierarchy.

Practeos® limits the re-encoding issues and greatly reduce paperwork. The information is encoded only once in the right place, it’s available all  the time and everywhere. No need to search the information in outdated directories and servers. No need to keep updating Excel files to manage actions, non-conformities or risks.

Practeos® also facilitates the communication and the exchange of information. The platform reduces the need to remind things via email or phone. Practeos® notifies responsible people and give them the information needed to achieve the next process step (My tasks, tasks of my team, my team, my commitments, …). Each brings his stone and complete the existing information.

Practeos® also provides analysis and reporting tools useful to save time. The platform makes it possible to perform any type of search, to visualize charts, and to export the results as an Excel file or a report. The managers save considerable time, and are ensured to analyze up-to-date data, in real time.


Practeos® allows to visualize continuous improvement criteria in real time using search tools, charts and reports. These reporting tools allow to quickly check the trends and keep a good vision of all the Health & Safety, Environment and Quality action plans. These reports allow to understand the dynamics of the company, and are very useful during internal or external audits.

The reporting tools are also useful in the daily management of the teams. For example, it is useful to have a clear idea of the workload of each member of the team, or to measure in real time the progress of the assigned objectives, such as number of security audits to achieve each month. These tools help managers to make quick decisions, for example to delegate or transfer some of the workload, and allocate tasks in the team.